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ESS has assisted the investment community with economic redevelopment for many years.  ESS redevelopment projects on Lamar Street in Dallas and adjacent the American Airlines Arena became the first EPA Region 6 Brownfield Model Sites.  These were pioneering projects for the TCEQ, formerly TNRCC, to develop Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) standards.

Through the Small Business Liability Relief and Brownfields Revitalization Act, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides financial assistance to eligible applicants through competitive grant programs, one of which is the assessment grants.  Qualifying Cities may be awarded a Site Characterization and Assessment Grant of generally $200,000. The City is to develop a Brownfield Assessment Pilot (Pilot Project) to inventory, characterize, assess, conduct planning and foster community involvement. Ultimately the Pilot Project will inventory and rank all of the Brownfield sites within the City and then begin detailed site assessments.  

The ESS team will assist the City in:

  1. Identifying and preparing an inventory of all potential Brownfield sites

  2. Ranking the potential Brownfield sites against a set of development and benefit criteria

  3. Preparing a site inventory and ranking report

  4. Conduct detailed site assessments through the following scope of services: 


Community Involvement


Site Notification and Discovery


Preliminary Assessments


Site Ranking


Site Inventory and Resource Allocation Report


Prepare Brownfield Assessment Work Plans


Conduct Detailed Site Assessments

Key Benefits :

  Large Program Management Experience relevant to Municipal Settings Designation.
  Disciplines and technical capabilities required to efficiently identify and rank a City's Brownfield inventory.
  Reuse liability evaluations and EPA comfort letters.

Capabilities :

Having served as Environmental Program Advisor to the Resolution Trust Corporation, (RTC) headquarters in Dallas, Texas and acted as an extension to Dallas County Public Works Staff on environmental compliance for some 200 project locations, ESS has developed an unparallel depth of local experience and historic knowledge.  This experience extends to 18 municipalities within Dallas County and includes a working relationship with stakeholder agencies such as the EPA, North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG), TxDOT and TCEQ.  Relationships were also forged with some 33 engineering firms, four law firms and two universities.
  Over the years, ESS has established a strong relationship with local, state, and federal personnel.
  ESS possesses scientific and regulatory expertise to evaluate site conditions and applicable regulatory requirements.
  ESS has managed deliverables from some 33 Engineering Firms on environmental aspects of federally funded transportation projects.  ESS can assist in matching firm capabilities with the specifics of a particular project to build a dynamic, results oriented team.

Reference Projects :

Work in Progress - 11-2004

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The following is a list of sample projects: 

The II Creeks - Richardson Texas Redevelopment
  ESS assisted the developer with asbestos inspections and estimates.
Arena Site Location Assistance 
  ESS assisted the City of Dallas in evaluating alternatives for locating what is now the American Airlines Arena.
South Side on Lamar
  ESS conducted environmental assessments, soil testing, and asbestos abatement for properties comprising the Lamar Street redevelopment near downtown Dallas.
Sears Logistics Center
  Former Sears Logistics Center environmental investigation and assistance to Dallas Independent School District for redevelopment to what is now the Bus Fleet Services Center
Former Procter and Gamble Manufacturing Facility 
  ESS assisted Dallas Independent School District in development of this site into the DISD Facilities Services Center
Former Johnson and Johnson Manufacturing and Research Facility
  Facility closure compliance and disposition assistance.
Whole Foods Market - Lemon Avenue - Dallas, Texas
  Inspection, Asbestos Abatement, demolition of strip shopping center and gasoline service station. 
Confidential Client - Dallas, Texas
  Comprehensive Inspection, Asbestos Abatement, demolition of apartment buildings and redevelopment as Charter School - downtown Dallas.  

Municipal Settings
Texas State legislation combined with local initiatives poised to change the way Brown fields are rehabilitated for economic development.  Contact ESS at 972-675-0560 or 1-888-675-0560 regarding your EPA grant application and opportunities potentially available to municipalities with a population above 50,000.
Redeveloped Quarry



Private Sector


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II Creeks Before

Former Service Station at 500 Lookout in Richardson, TX.

Remodeled as Sales office





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