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Phase 1 ESA

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Phase 1 ESA





ESS pioneered Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) beginning in 1988.  ESS developing a Phase 1 scope of work for large corporate clients and financial institutions.  Database inquiries were requested directly from the EPA and an encrypted Fortran printout was delivered.  ESS interpreted the coding and presented the relevant information in table format and ultimately generated the first graphical radius site maps prepared by hand.  The Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) and SAMDA contractors became involved with these properties and adopted this scope of work.  This scope became the early Phase 1 Standard and was circulated nationwide.  It was later modified by RTC to satisfy additional National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requirements. 

The American Society for Testing Standards (ASTM) Standards committee developed a scope pairing back the RTC scope.  The ASTM Standard E1527-97, now revised to E1527-13, defines a generally accepted scope balanced to satisfy financial and CERCLA liability concerns by conducting "all appropriate inquiries".

The EPA adopted the ASTM standards as their interim standard which became effective January 11, 2002.  November 1, 2005 Congress established the EPA's final rule (40 CFR Part 312) as the Standards and Practices for All Appropriate Inquiries; Final Rule.  This rule became effective November 6, 2006

ESS is prepared to conduct Site Assessments from Property Transfers to Corporate Campus or Facility site selection.
Key Benefits :

  Experienced Personnel 
  Experienced with a multitude of Banking Report Formats
  Nationwide capabilities

Capabilities :

ESS personnel are experienced with seemingly innocent vacant land to complex industrial facilities. 
Program Management
  Competitive bid management, submittal compliance reviews
Environmental Baseline Studies (EBS)
  Develop environmental baseline studies for portfolios
Phase 1 ESA
  ASTM and Custom Phase 1 Assessments

Reference Projects :

Representative list of projects:

Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC)
  Acted as an extension to RTC Staff for Program Management
REIT Holdings
  Environmental Baseline Studies (EBS) for portfolio of investment properties
  Phase I ESAs for investors and lending institutions

ESS works with clients to focus  on their most relevant issues.  
List of Services
bulletProgram Management
bulletPeer Reviews    
bulletTransaction Screens   
bullet Phase 1 Assessments  
bullet Government Records Search
bullet EPA Comfort Letters  
bullet HUD Environmental Studies
bulletProperty Condition Assessments                           

Call 888-675-0560 for Phase 1 assessments throughout the United States, Mexico and Caribbean.

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