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ESS has assisted the investment community with economic redevelopment for many years. ESS redevelopment projects on Lamar Street in Dallas and adjacent the American Airlines Arena became the first EPA Region 6 Brownfield Model Sites. These were pioneering projects for the TCEQ, formerly TNRCC, to develop Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) standards.

Through the Small Business Liability Relief and Brownfields Revitalization Act, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides financial assistance to eligible applicants through competitive grant programs, one of which is the assessment grants. Qualifying Cities may be awarded a Site Characterization and Assessment Grant. The City is to develop a Brownfield Assessment Pilot (Pilot Project) to inventory, characterize, assess, conduct planning, and foster community involvement. Ultimately the Pilot Project will inventory and rank all of the Brownfield sites within the City and then begin detailed site assessments.

The ESS team will assist the city in:

  1. Identifying and preparing an inventory of all potential Brownfield sites
  2. Ranking the potential Brownfield sites against a set of development and benefit criteria
  3. Preparing a site inventory and ranking report
  4. Conduct detailed site assessments through the following scope of services: community involvement, site notification, and discovery, preliminary assessments, site ranking, site inventory, and resource allocation report, prepare Brownfield assessment work plans and conduct detailed site assessments.

"Helping you through the environmental maze.”